Watch your Money Grow

What is FinoZen?

FinoZen is a mobile app where you can watch your money grow, literally! Following are the key features –

Invest and Withdraw in One Click
Expected rate of returns: 7.0 ~ 8.5% p.a.
Withdraw anytime without penalty (i.e. no lock in)
Minimum investment is only Rs. 500
Completely online and paperless account creation.

Better than your neighbourhood bank

FinoZen channels your investment to a select liquid mutual fund which is as safe as your savings bank account

our friends and family have been investing their money in Savings Bank Account and Bank FDs which gives low return and keeping money in Bank Account/FDs means we are losing out our hard earned money to inflation. So, we created “FinoZen” with an aim to revolutionize personal investment habits in India where you witness the same safety and security of a bank but with higher returns and no lock in period.

About Us



Varun is a graduate of IIT Madras and a certified Mutual Fund Advisor. He ensures that everyone in FinoZen is working towards providing a hassle free investing experience to our users. He is always reachable at and please feel free to drop him an email if you ever have any query or an unresolved issue from our customer support team.

Contact us

#25, 18th cross, 9th Main
HSR Layout, Sector 7
Bangalore, Karnataka,560102
Ph: +91-9206073021


"This is the first time I am investing, great to see my money grow everyday!"

Dr P Ramya, Medical Student, Vizag

"Best of both worlds! Provides returns better than FD's along with flexibility of anytime withdrawals like savings account"

Achal J, Investment Professional, Bhopal

"It is so simple and easy to use!"

Raman K, Railway Protection Force, Guwahati

"FinoZen is a great product. I just park my surplus idle funds here and it gives me better returns than a bank account. Opening an account with them was quick, easy and simple. I am able to make my money work for me and this is possible because of FinoZen."

Dr Cherry Sethi, Doctor, Delhi